Sunday, October 31, 2010

For the Benefit of All.

It has been so amazing to be here in Bristol with such wonderful people all making clarity
the priority in their lives.

It is impossible not to be totally moved by such a gathering of powerful and humble beings.
Together we rely on clarity and a great golden tsunami of benefit gathers power and swells
around the world. This is happening right now.

Dear friends, thank you so much for not putting up with the self-centred bullshit anymore and
revealing in your own experience how powerful we truly are.

"We the people of the world, are the leader we are looking for".

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tee Hee

Clarity pervades everything without exception.

It is completely ordinary. The evidence of it's ubiquitousness is in every single mundane point of view.
It saturates all with a relaxed and wide-open ease.

Continuing to rely on short moments and the other Four Mainstays we increasingly experience this ordinariness as extra-ordinary.

The big joke is that the magnificence of what we've always been looking for was right in front of our eyes every single moment of every single day. But we were always looking elsewhere.

"It can't possibly be my life that I've been looking for can it " ?

Tee hee.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Look around yourself at the natural world. Is there a single thing that is permanent ? Can you predict anything at all moment to moment ? Whatever occurs in the natural world, does so in a completely relaxed and care-free way.

We are equally a part of this magnificent perfection. A complete and wonderful celebration of spontaneous creativity.
All our thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences appear, abide and resolve automatically : we don't need to effort at all for this natural cycle to occur.

Clarity includes and contains everything without exception. Every single experience is evidence of your amazingness and does not need to change one tiny bit. You do not need anything to feel more or less whole.

Short moments and the Four Mainstays of the Balanced View Training are amazing support structures that allow us to gradually get comfortable with the fact that we don't need to change anything in terms of our own points of view in order to feel better about ourselves.

Right here, right now. All the evidence we need to confirm our inherent natural perfection is contained in each short moment of clarity. However that looks.