Wednesday, February 5, 2014

You + reliance on the Four Mainstays = Infinite Benefit

All you or anyone needs to do is to rely on the Four Mainstays.

Everything else - what we think about ourselves and the world, what our data seems to indicate (or not), how we feel we are doing; everything can be trumped by this simple reliance.

It does not matter what data arise, it does not matter what we do in conventional life. As long as we have a 100% commitment  to rely on the incredible support structures that Candice has gifted humanity, this will take us all the way to a life of supreme purpose and beneficial potency. 

It is easy to underestimate the profundity and auspiciousness of having received the Four Mainstays instruction set but it is way more powerful and significant than can possibly be imagined. Both individually and collectively.

Keep the focus on yourself and your Four Mainstays practice. Everything else will fall into place due to this incredible lifestyle opportunity. Do not believe what I am saying, test it for yourself!! Now would be good.

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