Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Inexhaustible Exaltation

Being in India really shows you that "happiness" is not dependent on circumstance. Every day I walk past a beggar with no arms or hands. You have never seen a more shining individual.

I was lucky enough to be living in India when I was introduced to the Balanced View Training. These kinds of personal examples were really powerful for me when I started my Four Mainstays practice. They made my self focus and my "problems" slightly less important and clearly showed me that conventional well-being was not necessary 

It is amazing to see that whatever is going on for us there is always well-being, ease and benefit right at hand. Our data cannot alter this natural perfection because they are inseparable from the indivisible expanse. This is what we see more and more: our data do not need to be focused on and analyzed any more. They flow on by without anything needing to be done on our part. It's very relaxing after a life of needless struggle.

After over twenty years of books, teachers, teachings and practices that did not provide me with even a sniff of what they talked about and described endlessly, I cannot believe my good fortune that I stumbled across Candice and the Balanced View Trainings. 

At last !! An authentic trainer, training, practice and community that provides incredible results and life-long support for the inexhaustible exaltation of our self-perfect, beneficial nature.