Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Clarity View

Relying on clarity is a lifestyle choice that brings great and ever-increasing rewards. There is no point to get to in terms of a final destination. There is also nothing to get.
Clarity is the power to know, the easeful alertness and presence at the basis of all experience. You already have this.

Reliance on the Four Mainstays simply refocuses our attention from the points of view in our lives to the clarity view which is completely relaxed and potent.
Short moments of clarity, repeated many times until continuous is the sure-fire way to outshine all of our points of view with the super-beneficial clarity view.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Way Out of Clarity.

Right now, you can stop thinking for a brief moment. What remains when you do that ? There is a subtle but undeniable presence and alertness. This is what we call clarity or awareness.
You already have it :)

Now you know what to emphasize throughout your day. Relax and acknowledge this alertness whenever you remember. What you will start to experience is that nothing about you needs to change in order to recognize clarity.

Your thoughts and experiences always offer you the same golden opportunity - to recognize clarity or not. Healthy, sick, fat, thin, rich, poor, happy sad..... all possible experiences are powerful reminders to recognize the easeful expanse at the basis of your own existence.

There is no way out of clarity :) /

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Balanced View Centre Second Life

I am very excited to announce we now have a virtual Balanced View Centre in Second Life.
Second Life is completely free to download and use : ) Go to and check out the information videos.

Basically, Second Life ( SL ) enables participants to create an avatar - a virtual person - in order to visit and interact with millions of other people from all over the real world. This means that you can be involved in "face to face" meetings and teachings from your own home location.

Many Balanced View Trainers now have avatars and we will soon be offering numerous meetings and teachings. If you want to be a part of this incredible enterprise, please email my avatar ( ) and I will send you all the information you need to create an avatar and visit the centre.

Hopefully I will meet many of you in the virtual world : )

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Basis of all Experience.

The basis of all experience is clarity. Nothing could be experienced or known without this innate quality.
It is the only thing about us that does not need to be confirmed by argument or discussion or backed up by other people's ideas.

Whether we believe we are the most screwed up person on the planet, the greatest super-being ever, or anything in between, the unchanging ground of all of these experiences is identical : clarity.
This is the only place where true stability resides and it's recognition and acknowledgement is obvious in each short moment. It is always present no matter what our experience is.

When we rely on our own experience of short moments of clarity, there is a natural relaxation and less of an emphasis
on self-centred concerns. Effortlessly, our focus moves to the benefit of all. This is the key to a harmonious
human society : individuals committing to clarity as the basis of their day to day lives. It's up to you and me : )

The Four Mainstays of Balanced View allow us to gently gain increasing confidence in this as a lived experience. /

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Clarity Around the World.

We've just had an amazing time here in England. Tomorrow I'm off to Colorado to be with Candice and the community there. On Sunday we will link up from the U.S by live stream to the community in Australia.

Each individual, empowering themselves with short moments of clarity, brings about a global
clarity society. Isn't that amazing ? We have the solution in each one of us, right here, right now.

"Short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous". /

Sunday, October 31, 2010

For the Benefit of All.

It has been so amazing to be here in Bristol with such wonderful people all making clarity
the priority in their lives.

It is impossible not to be totally moved by such a gathering of powerful and humble beings.
Together we rely on clarity and a great golden tsunami of benefit gathers power and swells
around the world. This is happening right now.

Dear friends, thank you so much for not putting up with the self-centred bullshit anymore and
revealing in your own experience how powerful we truly are.

"We the people of the world, are the leader we are looking for".

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tee Hee

Clarity pervades everything without exception.

It is completely ordinary. The evidence of it's ubiquitousness is in every single mundane point of view.
It saturates all with a relaxed and wide-open ease.

Continuing to rely on short moments and the other Four Mainstays we increasingly experience this ordinariness as extra-ordinary.

The big joke is that the magnificence of what we've always been looking for was right in front of our eyes every single moment of every single day. But we were always looking elsewhere.

"It can't possibly be my life that I've been looking for can it " ?

Tee hee.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Look around yourself at the natural world. Is there a single thing that is permanent ? Can you predict anything at all moment to moment ? Whatever occurs in the natural world, does so in a completely relaxed and care-free way.

We are equally a part of this magnificent perfection. A complete and wonderful celebration of spontaneous creativity.
All our thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences appear, abide and resolve automatically : we don't need to effort at all for this natural cycle to occur.

Clarity includes and contains everything without exception. Every single experience is evidence of your amazingness and does not need to change one tiny bit. You do not need anything to feel more or less whole.

Short moments and the Four Mainstays of the Balanced View Training are amazing support structures that allow us to gradually get comfortable with the fact that we don't need to change anything in terms of our own points of view in order to feel better about ourselves.

Right here, right now. All the evidence we need to confirm our inherent natural perfection is contained in each short moment of clarity. However that looks.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not Rocket Science.

I used to be ruled by my points of view. Endless opinions and belief systems that I had taken
to be an essential part of my individuality. I had read countless books proving that I was right and you were wrong. I was completely at the mercy of these belief systems, assumptions and ideas that I had learned from other people. I could only relate to people who seemed to have a similar set of accumulated second-hand knowledge to the one that I had.
Ouch. Just writing this is painful.

By relying on repeated short moments of easeful clarity, I started to rely on the only thing that is truly undeniable - my instinctive clarity, that cognitive alertness at the basis of all experience. THE POWER TO KNOW. That is clarity.

And it's not rocket science : instinctive, easeful clarity is acknowledged and this is what becomes increasingly obvious. When we start to experience this freedom and openness as our true nature we see this in everyone. I am not my belief systems and assumptions and neither are you. In each short moment of inherent clarity there is immediate release from the straight-jacket of second hand knowledge : )

Check out :

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Worldwide Benefit

The simple yet profound instruction "short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous" is a practical and powerful action that one can take to bring about peace in one's own experience. No matter what that experience is.

All over the world, there are people testing this instruction where it matters most - in their everyday normal lives .

Complete mental and emotional stability, insight, compassion, a tremendous capacity to be of true benefit to ourselves and others and a solution oriented outlook are our birthright. The practice of short moments and the other Four Mainstays of the Great Freedom / Balanced View Training reveal this innate power in our own experience. Test it for yourself : )

Check out these sites for info and support ; /

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Pure View

Everything is included and contained in clarity's pure view.
That means that EVERYTHING is evidence of the unity of points of view and clarity. Nothing is left out.
Positive, negative and nuetral points of view all contain the same wondrous opportunity
to bring this moment to moment recognition into our everyday lives.
Short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Perfect Simplicity

To emphasize clarity or not. That is the simple choice we have in each moment.
It is our own points of view that remind us of this choice : )

Our lives are PERFECT for us to gain increasing confidence in innate, easeful clarity. NOTHING
need be changed in any way, clarity shines from within each and every viewpoint.

The way to bring about this instinctive recognition in our own experience is to rely on the Four Mainstays of the Balanced View training.

Clarity or confusion. It`s up to you.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Extract the Power"

In each short moment of the recognition of clarity, any viewpoint reveals an incredible potential
for lucid, immediate beneficial intent, shining from within.

Positive, neutral and negative points of view are identical in this respect. They all offer the
same golden opportunity : to emphasize clarity or not. Simple : )

Check out this link and listen to the amazing talks there ;

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Empowering Clarity

I'm lucky enough to be at the Great Freedom Centre in Sweden for the Human Identity Summit.
It's incredible to experience the effectiveness joy and openness exhibited when many people rely on clarity together.

No one sitting around TALKING about how we should be relating to ourselves and the world. We rely on clarity and ACT.

The Balanced View Trainings provide us with key points and pivotal instructions to bring about powerful and potent benefit where it matters most - in normal, everyday life.

Each individual, by relying on short moments of clarity is making a profound stand for a harmonious humanity. " We are the leader we've been looking for ".

Monday, July 5, 2010

Simple Clarity.

All you need to do is rely on short moments and let everything flow on by. That's what will happen anyway. Whatever your experience is RIGHT NOW, it is a perfect opportunity to recognize inherent clarity for a brief moment . In this respect, your experience does not need to be changed in any way.

That's all there ever is : countless opportunities to touch in with natural perfection. Simple.

Continue to rely on short moments and the other Four Mainstays and you will increasingly recognize that the entirety of your experience is completely inseparable from the ease and wonder of brilliant clarity. - check it out !!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clarity, Right Now !!!

In continuing to rely on short moments and the other Four Mainstays, what we start to see is that points of view and the ease of awareness are the same thing, just like reflections in a mirror are inseparable from the mirror.

This is something that comes about gradually for nearly everyone. Points of view and awareness
are indivisible, an expanse of stability and openness that does not need to be amended in any way.

Ultimately, whatever our experience is RIGHT NOW, that is the evidence we are looking for that completely confirms our natural condition of inherent perfection, just as it is.

Short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous : )

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Relaxed Clarity

Everything rests and is inseparable from clarity. In each short moment of rest , there is an obvious wide-open expanse of clarity that is undeniable and easy to recognize . Then the next thought arises. Simply repeat the relaxed recognition of clarity whenever you remember throughout your day.

That's it.

What's looking through your eyes , reading this text - that is clarity. Relax as this looking , again and again and see what starts to unfold in your own experience : )

Thursday, June 10, 2010



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All Pervasive Relief.

Through short moments of clarity, repeated many times, we start to experience great relief as ultimately inseparable from ALL points of view.

That relief is ALWAYS present , no matter what our circumstantial points of view seem to be.

We continue to recognize and relax AS that relief again and again. As it is always present, one need not try to prolong these moments.

Happy days : )

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Keep it Simple

Keep it simple and you will increasingly see that all of the points of view you experience are great opportunities to relax as clarity repeatedly.

In these short moments, it becomes obvious that clarity is completely unaffected by any phenomena, unpleasant or pleasant.

It remains as it always is - clear and free, empty of anything other than itself.
In continuing to rely on short moments and the other Four Comforts,
it is recognized that this blazing clarity pervades everything without exception.

Hooray : )

Friday, April 30, 2010

Lovely : )

Nothing to get, nowhere to get to.

The ease and openness revealed through short moments
of clarity, repeated many times, until continuous never ceases to grow brighter and brighter.

Completely outshining all of our circumstantial points of view with it's awesome brilliance,
the clarity of awareness pervades everything without exception.

Benefit, co-operation and effortless being in each shining short moment.

Lovely : )

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hooray !!

Complete ease and openness is evident in each short moment of sky-like clarity.

When we allow ourselves the great kindness of relaxing as all-pervasive clarity moment by
moment, easeful awareness is revealed as the basis, source and substance of ALL of our life's

And it is our own beautifully ordinary and mundane lives where this stunning brilliance becomes
increasingly evident. Hooray !!

Short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous : )

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Right Here, Right Now !!

Two easy to follow instructions :

1. Rest as awareness.
2.Go to 1.

Right here, right now, take a short moment to relax as all-pervasive clarity.
It makes no difference what our experience or circumstance is. Clarity is ALWAYS present.
WHATEVER seems to be occurring in our lives, our current points of view are all we need to remind us to touch in with natural perfection.

Short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous : )

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Bright Sun of Awareness

Everything is illuminated from within, completely saturated with wide-open clarity.
Through the practice of short moments of awareness, we recognize this increasingly in our own

No longer are our lives such a struggle. When we rely on clarity in the midst of our every day lives,
we find that what we previously thought were problematic points of view are in fact shining
examples of pervasive perfection.

NOTHING about us needs to be altered in any way in order to recognize restful awareness,
shining from within ALL points of view : )

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Guess what ? Easeful clarity is wonderfully present even when peeling potatoes.

I grew up hating this chore and now I find that when confronted with loads of potatoes
that need peeling, instead of avoiding this task I take short moments whilst peeling.

Who would have thought that such a mundane, boring and never-ending task could be so
wonderful ? I think I have discovered a hidden talent that has simply gone unnoticed.

Hooray for the glorious practicality of the pinnacle instruction : "short moments of clarity,
repeated many times, become continuous" . Revealing the magnificent in the mundane in
every moment : )

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Everyday, ordinary awareness is always present. Completely embracing the here and now with
soothing magnificence.

Through recognizing clarity for short moments repeated many times, we increasingly reveal our lives to be a source of great wonder and benefit. Mundane or magical, EVERYTHING is pervaded
by the natural ease of the basic state. : )

Short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gloriously Simple

Well-being in every moment is ensured in each shining moment of the here-and-now.

When we emphasize clarity rather than our circumstantial points of view it becomes patently
obvious that ease and openness are inseparable from all of life's ups and downs.

Whatever seems to be occurring we can make a simple choice : to recognize clarity or not.
Gloriously simple : )

Short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Clarity Rocks !!!

Short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous. This simple instruction can be implemented in any place, at any time. We either choose clarity or not. Simple.

If we allow ourselves the great privilege to try this profound practice for ourselves, moment by moment, we reveal something remarkable : our well-being is guaranteed NO MATTER WHAT our circumstantial points of view seem to be like.

Marvelous or mundane, magnificent or miserable, clarity is recognized to be inseparable from ALL of life's experience. WOW !

Clarity rocks !!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Clarity Everywhere

We arrived in Melbourne yesterday : )
It's very wonderful to recognize that no matter where one is located in the world, clarity
is ever present. Totally responsive and beneficial, the clarity of awareness is totally available
in each short moment.

Even at an Australian Rules Football match. Where I'm going this afternoon. Hooray !!
EVERYTHING is included. Isn't that amazing ?

Short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Everyday Life

Where the practice of short moments shines is in our everyday life. In each moment,
our circumstantial points of view provide us with a simple choice : to recognize clarity or not.

If we take these reminders to touch in repeatedly with this basic state of natural perfection
whenever we remember, something incredible gradually reveals itself in our experience.

Our lives are PERFECT for the recognition of restful awareness to occur. NOTHING needs to
change or be altered in any way in order to take a short moment !!

AMAZING !!! : )

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wonder and Ease

It is amazing when we start to see that points of view that used to be so compelling really
have less and less power over us. Eventually they become totally non-distracting : )

Really, whatever you are experiencing or thinking has absolutely no effect on your well-being. Amazing.

You can be sad, lonely, angry, happy, calm, tense ...... NOTHING changes the ground of complete wonder and ease, and this is what becomes our primary experiential reality. Awareness outshining all points of view. Hooray !

Short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous : )

Monday, February 15, 2010


When we rely on short moments of instinctive clarity , we gradually reveal to ourselves
how simple and wonderful ordinary life is. Every point of view we encounter is a fortunate
meeting, allowing us to touch in with always present awareness, a source of wide-open clarity
and benefit.

No longer at the mercy of habitual ideas and descriptions, we become truly powerful in a practical
and demonstrable way. Short moments of clarity, repeated many times, become continuous : )

Friday, February 5, 2010

India, Thailand, Australia. Whatever the location, a short moment of the recognition of awareness reveals ease, clarity and incredible benefit are always available. No matter what is occurring, awareness is COMPLETELY reliable and ALWAYS present.

Natural perfection revealing itself in every moment, in every point of view. Amazing !!

Short moments of awareness, repeated many times, become continuous : )

Saturday, January 30, 2010

In each short moment of the recognition of instinctive clarity, we reveal to ourselves that
natural perfection is already present.
Everything about us - all our points of view that arise spontaneously and unpredictably -
are beautiful opportunities to rest as the easeful expanse of wonderful awareness.

The more we take these golden opportunities to emphasize awareness rather than our descriptive frameworks, the more natural perfection is confirmed to be the case IN OUR OWN
EXPERIENCE !!! Hooray.

Short moments of awareness, repeated many times, become continuous. XD

Sunday, January 24, 2010

When we emphasize awareness rather than points of view, it is awareness that becomes more obvious. Then it is the clarity of awareness that increasingly pervades all of our thoughts, emotions and circumstances. From the vantage of wide-open clarity, we are able to act in the world in a very
powerful and practical way for the benefit of ourselves and others.

And all we need to recognize this incredible instinctive essence is provided in each moment by our circumstantial points of view. Our very own lives provide us with all we need to take a short moment. Nothing needs to change in order to recognize always-present awareness. Our lives are what we have always been looking for !! AMAZING !!!

Short moments of awareness, repeated many times, become continuous. XD

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gaining familiarity with inherent natural perfection is very easy. After a lifetime of emphasizing
only descriptions and labels continuously, we simply allow a brief moment of the recognition of
awareness. Then we repeat that recognition again and again whenever we remember.

Short moments of awareness, repeated many times shifts our habitual emphasis from the points of view of our life and circumstances, back to always present awareness.
In this way, clarity becomes our vantage rather than the limited and baffling perspective of endless
descriptive frameworks and intellectual speculation.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Everything is evidence of blazing perfection. Every moment is a wonderful opportunity to emphasize awareness rather than the descriptions and labels that unpredictably and spontaneously appear without end.
Awareness or descriptions. Ease or tension. A very simple choice in each moment.

"Short moments of awareness, repeated many times, become continuous".

If you are open enough to just test this simple instruction for yourself in the midst of your every day life you will start to gain great confidence in inherent natural perfection. Not as some arid philosophical theory but directly IN YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE.

When we rely on short moments of awareness repeated many times, we reveal complete mental and emotional stability, a balanced view and an incredible power to be of benefit to ourselves and others. These qualities are GUARANTEED to become increasingly evident in our lives.

Whenever you remember, throughout your day, take a short moment to acknowledge easeful awareness. See what happens !!