Saturday, January 30, 2010

In each short moment of the recognition of instinctive clarity, we reveal to ourselves that
natural perfection is already present.
Everything about us - all our points of view that arise spontaneously and unpredictably -
are beautiful opportunities to rest as the easeful expanse of wonderful awareness.

The more we take these golden opportunities to emphasize awareness rather than our descriptive frameworks, the more natural perfection is confirmed to be the case IN OUR OWN
EXPERIENCE !!! Hooray.

Short moments of awareness, repeated many times, become continuous. XD

Sunday, January 24, 2010

When we emphasize awareness rather than points of view, it is awareness that becomes more obvious. Then it is the clarity of awareness that increasingly pervades all of our thoughts, emotions and circumstances. From the vantage of wide-open clarity, we are able to act in the world in a very
powerful and practical way for the benefit of ourselves and others.

And all we need to recognize this incredible instinctive essence is provided in each moment by our circumstantial points of view. Our very own lives provide us with all we need to take a short moment. Nothing needs to change in order to recognize always-present awareness. Our lives are what we have always been looking for !! AMAZING !!!

Short moments of awareness, repeated many times, become continuous. XD

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gaining familiarity with inherent natural perfection is very easy. After a lifetime of emphasizing
only descriptions and labels continuously, we simply allow a brief moment of the recognition of
awareness. Then we repeat that recognition again and again whenever we remember.

Short moments of awareness, repeated many times shifts our habitual emphasis from the points of view of our life and circumstances, back to always present awareness.
In this way, clarity becomes our vantage rather than the limited and baffling perspective of endless
descriptive frameworks and intellectual speculation.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Everything is evidence of blazing perfection. Every moment is a wonderful opportunity to emphasize awareness rather than the descriptions and labels that unpredictably and spontaneously appear without end.
Awareness or descriptions. Ease or tension. A very simple choice in each moment.

"Short moments of awareness, repeated many times, become continuous".

If you are open enough to just test this simple instruction for yourself in the midst of your every day life you will start to gain great confidence in inherent natural perfection. Not as some arid philosophical theory but directly IN YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE.

When we rely on short moments of awareness repeated many times, we reveal complete mental and emotional stability, a balanced view and an incredible power to be of benefit to ourselves and others. These qualities are GUARANTEED to become increasingly evident in our lives.

Whenever you remember, throughout your day, take a short moment to acknowledge easeful awareness. See what happens !!