Saturday, January 2, 2010

Everything is evidence of blazing perfection. Every moment is a wonderful opportunity to emphasize awareness rather than the descriptions and labels that unpredictably and spontaneously appear without end.
Awareness or descriptions. Ease or tension. A very simple choice in each moment.

"Short moments of awareness, repeated many times, become continuous".

If you are open enough to just test this simple instruction for yourself in the midst of your every day life you will start to gain great confidence in inherent natural perfection. Not as some arid philosophical theory but directly IN YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE.

When we rely on short moments of awareness repeated many times, we reveal complete mental and emotional stability, a balanced view and an incredible power to be of benefit to ourselves and others. These qualities are GUARANTEED to become increasingly evident in our lives.

Whenever you remember, throughout your day, take a short moment to acknowledge easeful awareness. See what happens !!


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