Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In every moment, wherever we are we can recognize awareness, shining from within everything.
No matter how we feel it soon becomes obvious in our own experience that the ease and openness of awareness is ALWAYS present, regardless of apparent points of view.

Who would have thought that the evidence of complete perfection reveals itself in ALL of life's
points of view. All we have to do is recognize this again and again by relying on awareness and allowing all descriptions to flow on by without trying to alter them in any way.

I still have to smile every time I recognize " I am completely perfect ". This is something that I thought could never possibly be my experience. EVER. Tee hee.

When we start to recognize inherent self-perfection in ourselves, we start to recognize it in others to. We are not limited in any way by our own or others descriptive frameworks. We are inseparable from the basic state of sublime awareness - a ground of marvelous wonder, appreciation and benefit.

Short moments of awareness, repeated many times, become continuous. : )

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