Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not Rocket Science.

I used to be ruled by my points of view. Endless opinions and belief systems that I had taken
to be an essential part of my individuality. I had read countless books proving that I was right and you were wrong. I was completely at the mercy of these belief systems, assumptions and ideas that I had learned from other people. I could only relate to people who seemed to have a similar set of accumulated second-hand knowledge to the one that I had.
Ouch. Just writing this is painful.

By relying on repeated short moments of easeful clarity, I started to rely on the only thing that is truly undeniable - my instinctive clarity, that cognitive alertness at the basis of all experience. THE POWER TO KNOW. That is clarity.

And it's not rocket science : instinctive, easeful clarity is acknowledged and this is what becomes increasingly obvious. When we start to experience this freedom and openness as our true nature we see this in everyone. I am not my belief systems and assumptions and neither are you. In each short moment of inherent clarity there is immediate release from the straight-jacket of second hand knowledge : )

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