Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Basis of all Experience.

The basis of all experience is clarity. Nothing could be experienced or known without this innate quality.
It is the only thing about us that does not need to be confirmed by argument or discussion or backed up by other people's ideas.

Whether we believe we are the most screwed up person on the planet, the greatest super-being ever, or anything in between, the unchanging ground of all of these experiences is identical : clarity.
This is the only place where true stability resides and it's recognition and acknowledgement is obvious in each short moment. It is always present no matter what our experience is.

When we rely on our own experience of short moments of clarity, there is a natural relaxation and less of an emphasis
on self-centred concerns. Effortlessly, our focus moves to the benefit of all. This is the key to a harmonious
human society : individuals committing to clarity as the basis of their day to day lives. It's up to you and me : )

The Four Mainstays of Balanced View allow us to gently gain increasing confidence in this as a lived experience. /

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