Friday, May 4, 2012

Super Heroes

Six years ago I remember realizing for the first time that life cannot get much better than it is right now. It was a revelation to me that such a statement absolutely included all my afflictive states and "problematic" thoughts about myself and the world. And this was all due to my reliance on the Four Mainstays practice.

The mind-blowing fact about this recognition is that it has never stopped getting more wonderful and more profound. Six years from now I know that today's recognition of the glorious natural perfection of everything as it is will seem like nothing in comparison. Even though I can honestly say right at this moment "it can't get any better than this". Tee hee.

And the most crucial aspect of all of this is that it allows for the flowering of true benefit for all. It's no longer just about me. Once complete well-being is recognized to always be present no matter what is occurring in our lives, we cannot help but be motivated to contribute our innate strengths, gifts and talents towards the emancipation of humanity from the dreadful violence of data reification.

Thank you Candice, thank you Balanced View for a life of supreme purpose, joy and wonder. Together, we are creating a world full of beneficial super-heroes. One person at a time is all it takes :)

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