Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Number 1.

The more we relax as OI, the more we see clearly just how powerful the tsunami of data is. We are basically awash with all sorts of data most of the time. But instead of being a cause for concern, this is where our actual power to be of great benefit is evidenced. 

In the coincidence of afflictive data and OI is an infinite expanse of universe altering beneficial potency. It blazes so powerfully and relentlessly it's a wonder it can be contained by our simple human frames.

Reliance on the Four Mainstays of Balanced View guarantees that this super-human birthright is always directed in the most spontaneous and perfect way in all circumstances. We don't really know how that will look in any given circumstance but it is always way beyond the limitations of conventional thinking. 

The great thing is that whatever we are doing, at some point through reliance on the incredible support structures of Balanced View, we reveal that all our data is and has always been a part of the universal dance of great perfection. 

Just to reiterate, the two key points for complete well-being and flourishing in all circumstances are:

1. Rely on the Four Mainstays.
2. Go to 1.

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