Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Genius of the Four Mainstays

My experience is that my thoughts and emotions (data) always refuse to "play the game" meaning that most of the time, the data that I experience is not what I would like to experience on a conventional level. I used to think this was a problem but it is simply the way things are: data are countless, ceaseless and unpredictable. 

Thankfully, the genius of the Four mainstays of Balanced View brings about the ever-increasing recognition that data and open intelligence are an inseparable expanse of potent beneficial brilliance. What data streams appear are irrelevant in this regard - everything is evidence of our innate natural perfection.

Because we have believed that we need to change our data in order to be ok for the majority of our lives, this radical new perspective of simply allowing data to flow on by takes a little getting used to. The Four mainstays of Balanced View are essential for increased confidence and stability in inherent self-perfection.

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